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Tale of the Lunar Moth

Lunar Moth

(Three weeks, five person group)


Playmotion show coded in Panda3D. The story of a Moth who falls in love with the Moon. Physical puppets interact with the virtual world to tell a story.


My role in this was scripter, writer, voice talent, story layout, sound gathering, and story brainstorming.


The first week of this project was just nailing down the story. The piece is designed to be a show piece, and so the story was quite important. We went through numerous characters and ideas until finally settling on the idea of a moth in love with the moon, and having to trick the spirits of Earth, Water, and Fire to reach his love.


The initial story was outlined by our entire group and then laid out once by another group member. I then went through and rewrote most of the dialogue and added the final scene with the Moon.


Below you can see a video of the performance done at the Building Virtual Worlds show. I'm operating the puppet on the right. The performance goes fairly flawlessly except for the end where you'll see the moth puppet stops registering correctly to the hardware.




The Moth and the spirits of Water, Earth, Air, and Fire


Click on this to download the pdf version of the story.