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Tennis Star

Tennis Star

(One week, four person group)

Virtual reality experience coded in Panda3D. Armed with only a tennis racket and gigantic size, you defend your city from UFOs.


My role in this was game designer and scripter. Coding the physics for the game was interesting, but the really fun part was just fiddling with values until the physics felt just right enough so that smacking UFOs was really satisfying.


As we were only given a week for this project, we needed to make quick decisions for something fun. Hitting things is fun, UFOs are enjoyable, a giant tennis star fighting against UFOs would be hilarious. Hence, a concept was made.


You can bounce UFOs on your racket, serve them into the distance, and even (if you so choose), destroy the buildings around you by knocking UFOs into them, or by hitting them with your own racket.



The Tennis Star uses the STRENGTH OF TEAMWORK AND HEART OF A CHAMPION. (We were going for bad Japanese movie style)


Something coming from the distance!


Take this UFO!




Bouncing UFOs for fun and profit.


The End Boss!


Strength of Teamwork! Yes, I know he's alone. He still represents team work. You were rooting for him, weren't you? See? You're part of his team. Good job!