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The Afflatus, People of the Three Looks


The miniature wargame Warhammer 40,000 used to have a race of space dwarves called the Squats. The rules and the lore behind this race were about as clever and dignified as their name. The company rather ashamedly brushed them under the carpet and now pretends they never existed.


I've always liked dwarves in stories, although they seem inevitably to take on comedic roles. I happened to chance upon someone selling a large number of the old Space Dwarf models, and I quickly purchased them. Unhappy with their old civilization, I decided to create a new one. The Afflatus.


This page is where I will occasionally throw up some new thoughts on the race as I flesh it out.


Polymath, Afflatus, and Morrokh


The Three Looks


A race governed by three groups, each with a different 'look' or philosophy.


Polymath - Those who look upwards. These are the diplomats and explorers of the race, constantly pushing the boundaries of the known world. They believe that only through expanding our horizons does one find enlightenment. The first to discover space flight and employ it. Also the first to make contact with other races.


Afflatus - Those who look around themselves. They content themselves less with the above and below, and more with the here and now. One cannot pursue enlightenment unless one has a strong anchor to the world. This race deals mostly with the laws and caretaking of the people.


Morrokh - Those who look downwards. These are the reclusive scientists and philosophers zealously guarding their secrets. True enlightenment is not found outside the self, but only within the self. It is only by taking apart and analyzing every core of our nature do we find the truth. They are strong experimenters in the field of robotics, and are also some of the most accomplished actors of the race.


Technician, Living Library, and Philomath Katrin




Physical: Smaller of stature, with a generally stout body. Their hands and eyes are incredibly precise, able to feel/scope out near imperceptible details.


Mental: All Afflatus have photographic memory, and are able to recall with incredible precision anything they have seen or been told. This has lead to an informational war within the race, where each of the different factions attempt to ensure their secrets are well hidden. Their technology often has strange devices intended only as red herrings to the actual design. It is for this reason that the Afflatus prize real life experiences more than most races, for they can distinguish the minute differences in all things they survey.


Inspirations: Rather than space dwarves, the Afflatus are more space gnomes, being physically weaker but capable of tremendous feats of intellect. Additionally, for a lot of their character I am drawing a bit from Russian history.


A tank I've put together from various other tanks


A drilling machine I've put together

from a Pringles can and other parts.