E-mail address: bcash@bryancash.net


My name is Bryan Inho Cash (a fun mix of Korean and Irish). I was born in Pusan, South Korea. My family hopped around the world a lot due to my dad's work, and I've since had the chance to live in California, Saudi Arabia, England, Nebraska, and Texas.


Hamman Hall, home to the Rice Players

For my undergraduate degree, I went to Rice University in Houston, TX for a B.A. in Computer Science (focusing on Artificial Intelligence).


Additionally, While Rice did not have a theatre minor, I spent a bunch of my time taking those classes. I became a coordinator of the Rice Players and got involved with Acting, Stage Managing, Producing, and the general running of a theatre (including play selection and grant writing). I graduated in 2005.


From there, I went on to pursue a Masters in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center.


Here, I had the opportunity to work on a number of incredibly diverse projects that took advantage of my technical and theatrical background. I graduated in 2007.

One of the stately corridors of my grad school.

I love working with talented people to make experiences that people enjoy, and I'm always eager to find new things to obsess over.


Give me the chance, and I'll happily talk your ear off about Planescape: Torment, Korean Mythology, or Carnivorous Plants :)


Personal Miscellaneous Projects I'm Working On