Tunnel Tail

Tunnel Tail

A free iOS/Android RPG where the player leads a team of intelligent mice against a corrupting influence threatening the world.


A casual Flash MMO about Sky-Pirates. I worked on it with some friends in grad school and we continued to develop it after we graduated.
Grub Guardian

Grub Guardian

A tower defense game for Web/iOS/Android that linked to an MMO. I was brought on to help monetize it and to create additional content.

Jelly Kingdoms

An iPad puzzle/RPG of squishy (but badass) warriors bouncing around in a world loosely based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Talks & Publications

Talks I have given and writing that I've had published.

Pixie Hollow

A Flash MMO based on Disney's Tinkerbell IP.

Living History Project

A museum installation project I worked on. We created a touch-screen tour installed on USS Requin, a WWII era submarine.

ToonTown Online

A family friendly PC MMO I worked on while interning at Disney VR.

Game Design Class

Assignments I completed in my Game Design class at graduate school.

Building Virtual Worlds Class

The worlds I made in my graduate school's Building Virtual Worlds class.

Gnome Death

The first real computer game I ever made. This was in high school. It involves gnomes trying to eat you.