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Doc Rock

(Two weeks, four person group)


Virtual reality experience coded in Panda3D. Players use a guitar with touchbuttons to rouse the ghosts of Doc Rock's bandmates. We actually did this assignment before Guitar Hero came out, although the only way they're similar is the guitar with colored input buttons.


My role was game designer, scripter, and I made the title screen.


A basic pattern matching game where you see a color/sound sequence over a grave, and you match it with your guitar.



The girl who comes to visit your grave points out how you can wake your bandmates.


Your band snores with color and sound.


Messing up prompts disgust!


Success wakes a bandmate! Their sound is added to the soundtrack (a la Amplitude).


After waking them all up, Rock Concert! With ghost dancing.


Finish up with a bow and a glance down.