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Winter is Coming

(Two weeks, four person group)


Virtual reality experience coded in Panda3D. Players are put in the role of a small girl in a Russian fairy tale.


My role was game designer, scripter, and story brainstorming. The lighting, fog, and snow effects really helped give the feel of a Russian winter fairy tale.


This assignment was to tell a story, and gosh how we tried. In retrospect, we tried too much with not enough time and resources. We really wanted to work on some facial animations as this was intended to be an emotion/character driven piece, but we ran out of time. I think the core concept here was good, but there are a lot of flaws that hurt it.


However, one magical part is when the player characters looks up at their father and then uses their hand to take his. Playing with perspective has always been fun, especially in virtual reality.



Your father tells you that you are going to your grandmother's house.


On the way, you are nabbed by a shadowy figure.


You awaken in a horrifying hut.


With a menacing shadow.


You manage to escape and find your father, but the shadowy witch finds him too.


Your father runs after you, but eventually you are taken away.