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The links below highlight different assignments in Carnegie Mellon's Building Virtual Worlds class (a requirement for my masters degree). The class combines random groups of 4-5 (with a coder, 3D modeler, texture artist, and sound designer) and gives them 1-3 weeks to create a virtual world for such platforms as HMD (traditional virtual reality) and Playmotion (a screen that you interact with via your shadow).


Tennis Star!

Armed with only a tennis racket, gigantic size, and the heart of a champion, you defend your city from UFOs.

Tale of the Lunar Moth

The story of a Moth who falls in love with the Moon. Physical puppets interact with a virtual world to tell a story.

Within the Deep

Players swim by moving their arms in front of the Playmotion screen and try and find the sunken treasure.

Winter is Coming

Players are put in the role of a small girl in a Russian fairy tale.

Doc Rock

Players use a guitar with touchbuttons to rouse the ghosts of Doc Rock's bandmates. I swear we did this before Guitar Hero came out.