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Lecture: GDCOnline - Sporadic Play-Game Update, the Latest Developments in Games for Busy People

Lecture: GDC Social & Online Game Summit - The History and Future of Making Games for Busy People. Raph Koster was good enough to live-blog it. Tap here to read Raph's Live-Blog


Panelist for EA RELATE's event. This was an EA sponsored event of coming together to discuss the topic of diversity in the game industry.




"Ethical Dilemmas in Gameplay: Choosing Between Right and Right," a co-authored chapter in the book "Designing Games for Ethics: Models, Techniques, and Frameworks," (compiled together by Karen Schrier). The abstract is included below:


This chapter discusses ethical dilemmas and their role in game design. The chapter first defines what ethical dilemmas are and then argues for why they are compelling in games. This argument will analyze the role of decisions in games, what makes for interesting decisions, and then address how avatars and the magic circle nature of games indulge several kinds of fun while still having players experience a sense of moral residue. Finally, the chapter will provide recommendations on how designers can incorporate and analyze ethical dilemmas into their own games, tying our recommendations to examples to show how ethical dilemmas can provide interesting gameplay.



I also coauthored the paper, "Oops, I learned something: Teaching via game mechanics" at the Games+Learning+Society Conference, June 2012