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Grub Guardian

(Web/iOS/Android game)


Grub Guardian is a tower-defense game created by KingsIsle Entertainment. The game links to an MMO (Wizard101), allowing a player to use their favorite pets as a special tower in the game. By playing Grub Guardian, players earn experience for their pets and can win special items for the MMO.


Grub Guardian


The game was already complete by the time I was brought onto the project, however it had not been developed with monetization in mind. While the game had a few monetized elements, I was tasked with adding new ones that increased revenue without cheapening the game's experience.


Grub Guardian

I added a special premium tower (the chain-lightning Avalon Tower) and three consumable items (Ambrose Bomb, Grub Shield, and the Instant Tower Upgrade). These consumable items could be purchased by the player or randomly awarded as a prize for beating a level.


In practice, the new tower and consumables proved quite popular helped increase the game's revenue.


Grub Guardian

While on the project, I also scripted the new Azteca world (4 levels). These are currently the highest available levels for the game.


The game can be played here.

NOTE:While the game is playable by anyone, only players who log in with a Wizard101 account can purchase items and use consumables.