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The Living History Project:
USS Requin

(Museum Installation, 6 person team, 1 semester)


Click here to visit the Carnegie Science Center's website


This was a design and installation project I took part in during my graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center.


My team was tasked with designing and implementing a self-guided tour of USS Requin, a WW2 era submarine housed at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Science Center.

USS Requin


An information sheet for the project


We implemented a series of touch-screen kiosks with simple games, information, and stories taken from sailors of USS Requin and other submarines. Throughout the project, we tried to maintain the history and authenticity of Requin. She is a historical artifact and has to be treated with the respect she is due.


A kiosk was installed in six of the rooms onboard Requin. Each kiosk was unique, featuring information and stories tailored to the room it was in. Additionally, the Aft Torpedo room was converted to feature four screens that constantly played recorded interviews with men who had served on Requin.


I was responsible for some of the content creation, interviewing some of the veterans, ensuring consistency in style for each kiosk, acting as the voice for stories which we did not have audio for, and additional research.


Since our installation, traffic has doubled at USS Requin.


Main interface for the Forward Torpedo Room's Kiosk
A "For Kids section on each touch-screen offered some simple and satisfying interactions. Press a Button -> See a Torpedo Fire & Blow Up a Ship = Happy Kids

One of the audio stories of when Requin nearly torpedoed herself.